Rogue RA‌-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

When you are gunning to buy the cheapest available option on the market, you might find yourself wondering if there is such a thing as a good option. While it certainly might be true that you will not be able to buy the best guitar on the market for under 100, you might just find …

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Folk It Up

There are dozens and dozens of folk instruments in the world. Some of them are still popular while others have fallen into the oblivion and are just seen in the museums. Instruments like ukulele and harmonica have gained more popularity during the past decades but finding someone who plays accordion is like looking for a …

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How to Buy Used Pianos

On this website, we have compiled a guide for buying used guitars, guide to used ukuleles and much more. Now comes a time to do a guide to buying used pianos and I postponed this guide for quite some time because often times pianos cost so much more, even in used sections than any other …

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Used Electric Guitar

Old But Gold – How To Find A Good Used Guitar

When someone is buying a new guitar, especially for the first time, the task might seem, and actually is, quite daunting. You have to be aware of so many details and specifications, you have to learn what you should be looking for and then sieve through dozens and dozens of models, weight out price vs. …

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Rare Instruments In Pop Culture

The world of music is vast and sometimes terrifying. You obsess over one instrument, learn how to play it, do more research and then find a new instrument you had no idea existed. You decide you want to “branch out” and learn to play that instrument. In the process of researching that instrument, you find …

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DJ the Grillman

Let’s Get This Party Started: The DJ set

So you have finally decided to graduate from playing music from your spotify account for your friends to being an actual DJ? Good! Now is the time to actually get to know how to be an actual musician, spin records and write your own music. Exciting stuff, really. Except you don’t know where to start. …

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Drumstick Types

Drums Are the Reason for Everything

Let’s get real. What is the most hardcore instrument out there? If you guessed guitar, you need to rethink your priorities. The drumset is the correct answer to this. Why? Because it takes more than the occasional finger bleed to play the drums. The entire body needs to be in constant motion. Your feet, arms, …

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Guitar Picks

Guitar Accessories and Maintenance 101

Everybody who has been playing guitars or knows anything about it will tell you that there is so much more to a guitar than just a guitar. And I am not talking about talent and will to succeed and all those feel-good stuff. I mean literal things you need. And YES, this might not be …

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Bass Guitar Meme Fish

The Basics of the Bass Guitar

When you feel the rhythm of a song driving you, making you dance faster or run faster, it is usually not the lead guitar that causes this. Neither it is the drum set, surprising as it may seem. The true culprit for your feet going a certain speed is the bass guitar. The tones, thick …

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Acoustci Guitar Sizes, Types, Colors

Guide to Best Acoustic Guitars

So you want to be the next Tommy Emmanuel. Or maybe someone you have been looking up to for a while. You can already imagine yourself in front of hundreds of fans that have camped out for days just to hear you perform live and take in your genius as they sob to your melodies. …

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Save Grohl Middlefinger

The Electric Guitar Up Close & Personal

How long have you been imagining your fingers running up and down steel strings, flashing at the speed of lightning, as thunder escapes your amp? How many times have you picked up your air guitar and started headbanging to the music you knew you wanted to be performing? Don’t tell me you have never woken …

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